Baptism & Profession of Faith Syllabus

Winter 2017 classes begin on January 19 @ 7:30pm.

Through a brief nine week course, you’re invited to join pastoral staff and a small community of people who have experienced the beginning of a Christian life and are ready to make commitments to be baptized, or who have already been baptized and want to recommit to their baptism vows.

Below is the summary of the weeks ahead with readings to aid you in your growth and understanding of the Christian faith.

General reading list


Week 1 – Introductions, Welcome to the family

Reading: Reading the Bible as One Story, Goheen

Week 2 – Church

Week 3 – Worship: Why we do what we do

Week 4 – Worship: Sacraments

Week 5 – Worship: Prayer and Scripture

Week 6 – Worship: Grateful living

Week 7 – Creed: Faith Seeking Understanding

Week 8 – Creed: The Centre of the Story, Jesus

Week 9 – Creed: The Holy Spirit