Fall Formation Day
Saturday, October 28

formation day

Fall Formation Day & Night of Worship

This year’s Fall Formation Day celebrates the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. We will be hosting two, day-long discipleship tracks for you to choose from:

Myrna Talbot on This Changed Everything – 500 Years of the Reformation 

Bernadette Arthur on Always Reforming: Racial Reconciliation in the Gospel and in our Churches

Night of Worship

Join us for a FREE evening of prayer and worship after Formation Day.


9:30 – Worship

10:00 – Teaching session 1

12:00 – Lunch

1:00 – Teaching session 2

3:00 – Closing

6:00 – 8:00pm – Night of Worship


Morning session:
Kids ages 2 – 10 are invited to participate in a special program with our Children’s Ministry team which will tie into themes from the “Always Reforming” track in the morning session.
Afternoon session:
Parents will join their kids for a special family program led by Pastor Natasha.

Nursery care will be available for infants to age 2 for both teaching sessions.

Please register early so we can accommodate all the kids!


Middle school and high school students are invited to participate in the “Always Reforming” track with youth group leaders who will facilitate special times of discussion and activities for teens throughout the day.

This Changed Everything – 500 Years of the Reformation

The Reformation is more than a fascinating period of history—it significantly impacted the formation of Western civilization. The questions reformers raised remain critical for the church today. Like the reformers, we must still discern what or who is our ultimate authority.

In the last 500 years, the church has grown comfortable with ever increasing divisions. While the reformers brought about desperately needed moral reform and a renewed emphasis on God’s grace, they also brought up a whole new set of questions. Is a divided church in conflict with Jesus’ prayer for unity, found in John 17? Can we remember what binds us together and embrace one another as one, so that the world might believe in him? Can we hold truth in high regard, even as we show respect for those who reach different conclusions? Are there truths worth speaking and standing for no matter what the cost?

In this seminar, we will wrestle with these questions, as we examine the history of the Reformation through the three-part documentary series This Changed Everything: 500 Years of the ReformationThe seriesproduced by Christian History Institute covers the history of the Reformation and its aftermath and offers critical analysis about its relation to important issues facing the church today.

Teaching led by Myrna Talbot, beloved leader at Knox Church. She is owner of Capstone Tours, leading tours in Italy and Spain with a focus on the history of ideas, and how they are expressed in the art, architecture and cuisines of the various regions. Myrna holds a Masters of Religious Education from Covenant Theological Seminary.

Always Reforming: Racial Reconciliation in the Gospel and in our Churches

In 2017, the average North American urban church finds that it is becoming increasingly difficult to avoid or ignore the question: should we be focusing on racial reconciliation in our congregation and community?  Together we will (1) explore the bible’s treatment of cultural division and fissures in the early church (2) discuss practical ways that Knox can join the great cloud of witnesses who have found that the gospel is more fully expressed when we pursue racial reconciliation.

Teaching led by Bernadette Arthur who serves as a Race Relations Advocate for the Canadian office of the Christian Reformed Church in North America. She offers training, coaching and facilitating in the areas of anti-racism and reconciliation. Bernadette is also a vetted Community Advancement Coach with Communities First Association. She has been living out the principles of “Asset Based Community Development” (ABCD) ever since she was a young girl growing up with 5 siblings in a neighbourhood that’s greatest asset was its social economy. She trains, consults and coaches on the strategies of ABCD in community based and faith-based settings in Canada and also the U.S.