We are currently working on rebuilding front steps, final plaster repairs, painting, and electrical / lighting. The restored stained glass windows are now being reinstalled in the East wall above the balcony. We are 10 days behind schedule due to problems with the production of the lighting fixtures. The sanctuary renewal is now scheduled to be completed in January.

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We’re getting ready for a third century of bearing witness to God’s power.

Our goal is to raise $200,000 by December 1st 2017. What are you ready to give?

What are we doing?


Restoring and beautifying our sanctuary lovingly:

Shoring up the foundation, and fixing our damaged and aging stained glass.
Redoing plasterwork and giving the sanctuary a fresh coat of paint for preservation.


Creating a more accessible, functional, and flexible sanctuary:

Sisters and brothers with accessibility issues can participate in worship activities.
Projection and better lighting will increase our functionality.
Our bigger chancel will allow more flexibility for our worship services and activities.


Opening up our entrance to be more welcoming and inviting to the community:

Increase visibility to our neighbours, the city  and its environs.
Increasing our visibility is means to bear gospel witness for  future generations.

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