big vision group

Our Vision


Following Jesus

Following Jesus. It’s as simple as that. Knox’s desire is to follow Jesus, as he is revealed to us in scripture, in God’s story of his love for broken humanity. We believe that Jesus is the Lord of all things, that through his life, death, and resurrection, he has made the way to peace with God. We want to follow Jesus in the way he has shown us, extending his love and grace to others. But we can’t do this alone. In order to grow we must begin with loving and helping each other as we follow Jesus together. We are not perfect, we have not arrived. Following means journeying, growing, struggling, sacrificing, even suffering. But we can rest in the knowledge that he is with us along the way.

Loving the City

We follow Jesus by obeying his commands. He calls us to love our neighbour, and for Knox that means the city of Toronto. We are called to embody the love of Jesus in our neighbourhoods and networks. We encourage each other to love the city in the specific ways God is calling us to. This love takes a variety of forms: serving those in need, befriending the lonely, welcoming the immigrant, seeking justice for the oppressed, speaking the good news to those who have not heard, participating in culture-making, pursuing vocational calling with integrity. Through these acts of love, we seek the good of the city, recognizing the importance of the city in God’s story of salvation. We seek to be a city on a hill, a place that cannot be hidden, whose good works bring glory to God.

Serving the World

We believe God is at work in the world. His heart is for all people to know him and for his world to be transformed by his love. We believe Knox is a part of this work. God has placed Knox in a city of immigrants, where there is a constant flow of people drawn from around the world for work and study. We believe that God has blessed us with the opportunity to serve in this busy, transitory place for a reason. We embrace our role as a place of spiritual equipping for service to the world. People are called to Knox for a time of learning, then sent out to the world to serve. This rhythm: called in, sent out, should characterize us all, as we imitate Jesus’ example of humble service whether our world is Toronto or Tanzania. We serve in hope, confident that God is renewing all things. 

Vision Papers

The intent of the Knox Session by producing these vision papers is to communicate the major elements of our direction forward as a church in these papers. We are building on the strong foundation of the past and yet realize we are positioning our church for a new day of ministry. Therefore, we want to be clear with all about the basic building blocks for our vision for ministry and will present our convictions and understanding of ministry through this series of position papers. We trust they will be helpful guides for gaining clarity for the Knox church family as we lean deeper into God’s call for us. 

What We Believe

The following statements, based on the Bible and given historic expression in the Westminster Confession of Faith, are a summary of what we believe:
Holy Scripture, the Word of God written, is to be believed and obeyed. We are assured of its infallible truth and divine authority as the Holy Spirit works in our hearts.
The one true and living God, infinite in being and perfection, has revealed Himself in three persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. He made male and female in His image, but fellowship with God was broken and paradise lost through disobedience.
Our nature now is sinful, and our transgressions deserve God’s judgment. But God in His grace offers us new life and forgiveness. This is the gospel, that the Father has sent the Son to pay the penalty for the sins of His people and grant them the power of His resurrection.
God pardons our sins and accepts us into His family as we trust in Jesus Christ alone for our salvation and sincerely repent. That faith must show its reality in works of love, and real repentance requires a firm resolve to walk in the way of God’s commandments. Grateful for His grace, we live for His glory.
The Ten Commandments reveal the moral law and will of God. He alone is Lord of the conscience, and has set us free from the doctrines and demands of men which are contrary to His Word.
Our Lord is building His Church in the world. We exist to worship God, learn the Scriptures, encourage one another in the Christian life, and spread the gospel by word and deed.
God has appointed a day in which He will judge the world justly by Jesus Christ. We must all appear before Him, to give an account of our attitude and actions, as well as receive from Him retribution or reward. That inevitable encounter is not a stimulus to speculation, but an incentive to repentance and obedience.