Sundays at Knox

Every Lord’s Day reminds us of the risen Christ who has promised to meet with men and women gathered in His name. Prayer, praise and preaching are integral parts of Christian worship.

11:05 in the Summer!

From July 2 until August 13 our two services will be combined at a new time of 11:05am.   During the course of our sanctuary renovations, we will be worshiping in our gym.

11am Service (resumes August 20)

An unabashedly intergenerational service that combines different musical styles with a liturgical approach to worship. But don’t come as a consumer of style, come to meet a church family that you can grow in your faith with! Communion is practiced once a month.

5pm Service (resumes August 20)

A smaller, more contemporary service that meets upstairs, featuring the same message as the 11am service. Communion is practiced twice a month.


  • Knox Church is wheelchair accessible. Please enter by the side entrance (Harbord St.) on the north side of the building.
  • Hearing aids are available for the hearing impaired at the 11 am service. Please note hearing aids are not available at the 5 pm service.
  • Guide dogs are welcome in our building (except food preparation areas). Large print bulletins are also available at the 11 am service.

Map of Our Building