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Lent at Knox

Begins with our Ash Wednesday service at 7pm on March 1.

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Ben: What does it mean to live truthfully in Christian community? I suppose it means being vulnerable with one another. If you’re creating this facade of who you are or who you want people to think you are, it doesn’t show who God is making you to be. If you’re open with people and honest with people, you’ll find that you have a lot of commonality or you’ll appreciate those difference that help shape you as a person. God’s made each of us unique for a reason. If we’re willing to share those differences, it helps show a part of his character, and helps us grow in knowing him more. I know that when I open up with others, there’s an instant ushering in of God’s presence as well, as we realize what life is all about—knowing one another and, through that, knowing him more. God talks to us about the church being a body. If we are lying to each other and being dishonest, it’s like the foot saying, “Oh, I’m fine,” when it’s stepping on fire. Or the hand saying it’s feeling cold, when it’s actually touching something hot. If we’re not having that honesty, we can’t properly function when we interact with each other. So we need that honesty, those connections, those synapses to fire in truth for us to properly do what God has called us to be. It all comes from Christ, who himself is truth and the head of the body. ___ Go deeper into community and explore the importance of living truthfully, gratitude, promises, and hospitality for our church. The deadline's today at noon! Link in profile.

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Knox Church is committed to excellence in serving all – including people with disabilities – in the name of Jesus Christ. Guided by the principles of independence, dignity, integration and equality of opportunity, our prayer is that each person we serve will find the One they seek including through equal access to our ministries and programs, our people, and our facilities. Our accessibility policy can be found here.